Brook Hill Students Take Part in Second Annual Ethics Bowl.

From the Desk of Dr. Stan Ward, Director of Campus Life & Ministry:

On Wednesday, February 19, four Brook Hill students took part in UT Tyler’s second annual high school ethics bowl. Chipper Adams, Allie Childers, Hope Cooper, and Summer Nasser all participated.

Sponsored by the UT Tyler Center for Ethics, the ethics bowl is the only one of its kind in Texas – a unique opportunity for students to discuss and decide moral issues through case studies. Questions included:

  • Should governments limit the number of children a family can have?
  • If genetically engineered meat becomes affordable, is it ethical to kill animals for food?
  • Should NCAA athletes be compensated financially?
  • Is it ethical for the U.S. government to collect private communication records?
  • How should non-driving teens respond to inebriated parent drivers?

Students were randomly assigned to teams comprised of members from different schools. Students were forced to work cooperatively with people they did not already know in order to find the answer to a moral dilemma.

Brook Hill played an important role in the event. While the competition emphasized teams trying to find moral answers over simply keeping points, Brook Hill’s Chipper Adams was a member of the 1st place team. This was Chipper’s second year to compete in the event and his second year as member of the first place team. Dr. Ward was part of the steering committee for the event.

For more information, click these links for the UT Tyler Center for Ethics and the National High School Ethics Bowl. Click this link to learn more about how we are a Christian school.