Brook Hill Takes Safety & Security Seriously

Your child’s safety and security is a number one priority here at Brook Hill!


We believe that students who feel safe and secure at school are students who have the freedom to learn and grow in the community. We understand that you’re trusting us as a school to ensure that our campus and activities are a place where we can feel safe as a Brook Hill family and we take that seriously.

During the 2018-2019 school year, we completed phase two of the camera system for the boarding houses and The Cabin Coffee Shop. We also started the Lower School security project ahead of schedule in May and continued the work through this past summer.

Mr. Fletcher, along with the school board, approved an expanded camera system, containing 25 more cameras, two more license plate readers, and one more monitoring station. In addition, we added BOLO Door Barricades to each classroom at the Lower School. Should the need arise, students and staff will now shelter in place behind barricaded doors.

Our Emergency Operational Plan has been upgraded for the 2019-2020 school year and reflects the following:

  • Advanced Teacher Training during in-service and throughout the school year
  • Total of 119 Cameras on campus
  • 5 monitoring stations
  • 3 License Plate Readers
  • Full-time Bullard Police Officer on Campus during school hours  (Extra officers at other times as needed)
  • Raptor Visitor Check-in  (Instant background checks)
  • Student, Middle and Upper School, and Staff ID cards for entry into locked buildings
  • IAN Emergency Alert System
  • Student and faculty parking tags for the new year
  • BOLO Door Barricades in classrooms
  • Armed Emergency Response Team Personnel that are Licensed and Commissioned By the DPS/ Private Security Division and trained in CPR, AED, and Stop the Bleed

Once again, we want to emphasize that the safety and security of your children is our number one priority. During the past school year, we had 13 schools visit Brook Hill to observe and gain insight into our safety measures. This included schools from Louisiana, Tennessee, and Ohio. In addition, Bill Barner, the owner, and inventor of the BOLO Stick door barricades visited Brook Hill when we were reviewing their product. He stated, “Brook Hill is one of the most secure campuses in the country.” In addition, we continually have local police, state DPS, and federal law enforcement agencies on our campus providing feedback and ongoing assessment of our security measures.

Our hope in sharing this information with you as a BH family is to remind you that we are continuously working towards excellence in all areas of the Brook Hill experience. We recognize the trust required and the investment that you’re making when you choose Brook Hill as your school, and we feel honored to partner with you in your child’s life!