Business Principles students present in class

Over the last few weeks, Business Principles students have collaborated to create a new business concept, applying the ideas they’ve learned about in class to solidify a full business plan.

Today, our students presented their ideas in class for their peers and further refined their plans as they gained feedback from one another.

Have you ever lost the drawstring to your hoodie or sweatpants? One group created a concept for a product that enabled customers to re-lace their clothes.

Another group created a business plan focused on a neck strap for sunglasses. “Channy’s” neck strap is not only comfortable and buoyant, but it is also virtually impossible to lose. Channy’s features a glow-in-the-dark design and contains a transponder that enables customers to locate their lost sunglasses using an app.

A third idea utilized the rental of exotic and antique guns to create a luxury gun range. The group needed additional margin in their finances to lower start-up costs, so they decided to start their business in Tennessee because land was cheaper.

Seeing our students work together to imagine new businesses and use their ingenuity and creativity to overcome specific challenges was an incredible experience. We are excited to see how these students use the ideas they’ve learned through this process to create thriving business in the future!