Chemical Reactions in the Lab

Chemistry students are studying different types of chemical reactions and evidence that reactions have occurred. In this lab, students performed six mini-experiments. They saw a yellow precipitate form when two colorless aqueous solutions were combined.  They heated baking soda and saw water condense around the mouth of the test tube and then tested for the presence of carbon dioxide by inserting a burning splint and seeing that the carbon dioxide extinguished the flame. They also carefully observed the spectacular bright light produced when magnesium is burned.

Students will now analyze their results, give the balanced chemical reaction that happened at each station, and determine what type of reaction took place.

AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-1 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-2 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-3 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-4 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-5 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-6 AdamsChemicalReactions(TA)-7