Why Choose Brook Hill Middle School?

Why choose Brook Hill? The question is really, can you afford not to? It is one of the most critical times in a child’s life with more life-changes happening biologically than any other after the toddler years. Brook Hill understands this and seeks to offer both intentional and educational curriculum and programming to help students navigate with confidence and direction. Some of the distinctives are:

  • Every student gets a personal advisor and small group of peers dedicated to meeting weekly and keeping connected with their life happenings
  • Every student attends the Middle School Retreat designed to make friends with one another and get to know their teachers outside of the classroom
  • Every student gets to be in a club of their choosing with choices such as archery, board gaming, coding, cooking, sports talk, book club, hacky sack, graffiti art, and more
  • Every student has highly qualified teachers who create hands-on lessons and impactful opportunities for learning
  • Every student has special events planned once a quarter specifically aimed at middle school students and their need to be social
  • Every student has regular study halls and access to our Academic Center of Excellence educator to help them through tough assignments
  • Every student gets to participate in college tours designed to help students pre-think their educational choices in anticipation of their future college
  • Every student has a week outside of the regular classroom with the faculty to grow by learning in the world around them through class trips and special local offerings (Spring Potential and Reality Courses)

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