As a college preparatory school, we believe that taking the time to step outside of the classroom to dream and learn as a school is so important.


Our Upper School students had the opportunity to visit college campuses around Texas this past Wednesday and we had such a great time!

We’ve recognized that preparing a student for college goes beyond solid academics and high test scores. It’s more than having a full resume and the certainty of what you’ll study. Preparing our students for college calls us to invest in them holistically; it means instilling confidence and challenging them to live a life of character. Another big piece of preparing our students for college lies in leading them to dream and think about which school is right for them.

We begin college visits in the 6th grade. We do this, not to create a culture of pressure or to rush them through to adulthood, but rather to provide perspective; a vision of possibility and a glimpse of what’s next. We’ve seen that this allows our students to take ownership of their education and to dream big about their future.

And so, college visits! Wednesday was just one small part of a bigger conversation we’re having here at Brook Hill and one that we couldn’t pull off without our awesome staff and advisors who work so hard to plan for and lead our students in their academic journey towards higher education.

Our 11th-grade class took the day to visit A&M and Baylor, with a quick pit stop afterward for fun and dinner to round out their trip!