Community Service

During the SPARC 2014 Community Service course, the students experienced the joys of working with their hands in order to touch the hearts of others. Each day the group was able to participate in a different service project at a new location.

On the first day, we sorted clothing and cooked meals at the East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network. On the second, we helped sort over 10,500 pounds of retail donations; this equals over 8,00 meals that we packed up and sent out to families and organizations across the state. On the third, we partnered with P.A.T.H. of Tyler to help remodel a home through painting for a family in P.A.T.H.’s housing program. On the fourth day, we spent our time baking cookies and packing appreciation bags for the organizations that allowed us to serve with them as well as the city of Bullard’s police station, state patrol station, and fire-fighting stations.

On the last day we took time to reflect on the calling from God in each of our lives through remembering the work that God is doing through everyday people like our group and those we were fortunate to partner with in service.

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