Computer Science Solves Problems as Team

Sometimes learning looks like diving headfirst into a textbook, and other times it looks like using your imagination to build a tower out of paper. Innovation fosters a different kind of learning, one that teaches kids how to be flexible, adapt to failures, and step into the mindset of being resilient.

Our computer science class got to experience this variety of learning on Thursday when they had to build a tower out of paper and Friday when they had to work together to solve a puzzle.

During Thursday’s activity, not only did the tower have to stand alone, but it also balance a beach ball on top. Sounds simple enough, right? The record height was around 30 inches, and I think the only thing the winners would say was ‘simple’ about this project were the materials they used. Creativity is often a skill that gets left behind in the world of education, yet it is also a skill that most companies would say you need to be successful at your job. So, where are kids supposed to learn these necessary soft skills that get neglected?

At Brook Hill, our teachers like, Mr. Loudermilk, understand there’s more to teaching than just relaying facts and information to our students. We believe our role as educators is to equip them for life, strengthen their potential, and build their character. We even tried to integrate new educational platforms, like enabling education’s digital transformation, look here for details.