We’re so grateful for the generous donation of new buses from Mary Payton and Laila Soules to the Brook Hill fleet!


Earlier this semester Laila Grace Soules, a student at our Lower School donated a yellow school bus to Brook Hill. This past week her sister, Mary Payton Soules, also a student at our Lower School, had the opportunity to donate one as well! Both girls are granddaughters of John and Judy Soules who had originally gifted the buses to their granddaughters.

With a heart for generosity, and the desire to instill this in future generations, the Soules wanted to use this opportunity to teach their granddaughters the gift of giving back. The girls were proud owners of their yellow school buses and each chose to share that joy with their classmates and school community at large. John and Judy Soules have captured the spirit of leaving a legacy of character and kindness, and we’re thankful to Mary Payton and Laila Grace for choosing to give away their gifts in an effort to make Brook Hill an even better experience for everyone.

As our campus continues to grow it’s exciting to see needs like this met through our Brook Hill family. These new buses allow our Lower School students a safe way to transport to our Upper School campus rain or shine for all school events like pep rallies and classes at the American Freedom Museum. They also provide us with flexibility during school activities like SPARC week, athletic events, and campus serve day as we engage with the community.

Watching these girls hand over the keys to their buses encourages us to live in the spirit of gratitude, and giving as we “pass it on”. We’re grateful to the Soules for modeling this not only to their family but to us as a community!

Celebrating the arrival of this new bus on campus yesterday also continues to remind us of how good the Lord is to provide others, who believe in the mission of Brook Hill and come alongside us! We could not offer the level of excellence and development without our families, students, teachers, and donors who have invested so much! We continue to feel deeply grateful for our Brook Hill family!