As a school, we believe that the curriculum is important. We believe that having great resources, facilities and opportunities are game-changers. We believe that living on mission to provide an excellent Christ-centered, college-prep education is changing the world. We also believe that without our teachers, none of this would be enough on its own!


We are so very grateful for the men and women who show up on our campus each day to serve our students and families through teaching, coaching and leading us towards a deeper knowledge of Christ, the world, and who we are as individuals.

This past week as we celebrated the end of another semester with parties and thank yous we’re reminded that a culture of celebration is one of joy and gratitude. As we walk the halls and pop in classrooms we see teachers who are celebrating their students and creating opportunities for connection, and memories to be made. Our educators are men and women who have a passion to see students reach their highest potential and this plays out in both how they educate students and the culture of encouragement and celebration that they have created!

As leaders on our campus, we’re grateful for the way they model healthy relationships and joy. We’re grateful for the way they create safe learning environments and foster a sense of team! Brook Hill culture is unlike any other and our teachers are in large part to thank!

*not all of our faculty and staff are pictured but all are appreciated!