Students have been memorizing lines, building the set, and working hard to capture the art of traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre in their upcoming One Act Play, “The Three Swine of Most Small Stature”.


The play, by Lewy Olfson, is a variation of the well-known “Three Little Pigs” story retold in the style of traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre. The Kabuki style is characterized by lavish costumes, very bright makeup and Oriental song and dance.

The TAPPS District One Act Play contest will be held at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday, October 28-29. Brook Hill won third place at last year’s TAPPS State One Act Play Contest, and we’re hoping to return to Kerrville this year to try for first place honors!

Watching students practice this play and prepare for their upcoming competition, we’re reminded that our God-given creativity is deepened through our practice of the arts. Our students have had exposure to styles that are broadening not only their artistic abilities but their understanding of culture. In addition to memorizing lines for the upcoming play, students have been helping build the set, create costumes, and have learned how to apply make-up in line with the Kabuki style.

The play was cast from Director of Fine Arts and Drama, Mr. Glenn Ballard’s Upper School drama class and currently, the plan is to present this play as the opening for this year’s dinner theatre in addition to their competitive TAPPS presentation.

We’re looking forward to seeing this play in it’s finished form and have learned so much about exploring creativity from watching them prepare!