Do You Know of a Community Service Opportunity?

From the Desk of Dr. Ward:

As part of our middle and high school Resurrection Week (the week before Easter), we set aside one day for community service. Because we love acronyms, we call it OASIS Day (when Others Are Served Instead of Self).  On OASIS Day, our advisory groups go into the local community and provide service projects from 9am to noon.

Because we have more advisory groups than ever, we are looking for even more service opportunities!  If you know of a local community need that one of our advisory small groups could meet, please forward a summary of the need and contact information to me,

Our middle and high school advisory groups are small groups that meet on Thursdays to discuss what they learned in chapel, encourage one another, and engage in community service. The groups average from 8-12 students. Advisory is one of the ways we pursue our mission of “encouraging students to grow in Christ-like character.”