Don’t Press the Panic Button: Prepping for Exams & What Really Matters!

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From the desk of Tammy Hayes, Middle School Principal:

Here it is already! Exam Time!

I often find humor in weird similarities of culture that often clash. For instance, the idea that we start listening to Christmas music in November as we prep the turkey for Thanksgiving…I would like to believe that it is because we are so thankful for Christ in us that we just can’t wait! This festive time of year  ironically also coincides with midterm exams-what might be the most stressful time of the year for all good private school students (and parents)- and lead us to exclaim with fright when we see our child’s grades,  “What child is this?” Well, maybe that’s a stretch for your imagination, but truth is most of us can’t believe it’s already December and a few of us are even more shocked to realize we forgot to check Renweb! So, if you are one of these unfortunate ones, here is a little encouragement and help to keep everyone from pushing the panic button during exams!  

  • Your child is at The Brook Hill School- the premier private school in East Texas.

The Brook Hill School is committed to the success of your child. Our faculty are highly qualified, intentional,  and their instruction is excellent.

  • Your child is being prepared to become a college student, and what is being learned now is invaluable to his/her success later.

The time for your child to make mistakes is now! So, when they don’t study enough, ask enough questions, or follow instructions-it is actually your tuition at work as your child learns the consequence of those actions. It is THE difference in private education -we aim at teaching young people how to be life-long learners, how to think like a student, think ahead, keep an agenda,  plan out their busy week, make room for study even when the homework is done, and be their own advocate with their instructors as to how they can  improve next time! There is a lot to be learned from “barely missing exemptions” or “realizing the extra credit offered along the way really could have made a difference” and with these realizations comes maturity and with maturity comes “prepared for college!” It is a difficult and challenging endeavor; it’s supposed to be hard.

What have any of us learned about anything that was freely handed to us without effort on our part? Bottom line, don’t press the panic button when you realize your child’s grade isn’t an A-or even a B! Instead, take time to sit with him/her and ask the easy questions; like, “What could you have done earlier than you did this semester” or “What can you do next semester to make your grade represent your capabilities?” “What study skills do you need to adjust:  do you need to go to bed earlier, so you aren’t so tired or use your 25 minutes every Tuesday during ACE block to get help in your most difficult class, or turn in all your assignments rather than get zeros?” What can you do my son? What can you do my daughter? Then sit back, relax, and trust that what didn’t exactly go as you had hoped for your child this semester is being worked out in them while they are still living under your roof and you can still coach them through the processing of it! You did the parent part when you sent them to Brook Hill! Now, it’s their turn to do their part! And good news is they can get a fresh start right away in January with second semester! In other words, keep calm and carry on!

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