Dr. Lee Published In Philosophy of Religion Textbook


Dr. Robert Sloan Lee has been a part of The Brook Hill Family since 2017.  He serves as an instructor for 9th through 11th grade Humanities, as well as Philosophy. Dr. Lee did his Ph.D. studies at Wayne State University in Detroit.  In addition to his dissertation, he has published two essays in the anthology, C.S. Lewis as Philosopher: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (Liberty University Press, 2017; second edition). We are excited to share his work was published once again this Fall. What a distinguished achievement!


In September, Dr. Lee had an essay published in an online philosophy of religion textbook, Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Religion (Rebus Press, 2020).  The text was edited by Beau Branson, assistant professor of philosophy at Brescia University (in Owensboro, Kentucky) and funded by the Hewlett Foundation.


The volume provides an overview (by different authors) of arguments in the philosophy of religion.  Dr. Lee’s essay is entitled “Non-Standard Arguments for God’s Existence.”  The book and his essay are publicly available online free of charge (and at low-cost in print).


Dr. Lee said, “There is another essay in the book that deals with three best known arguments for God’s existence, so it fell to me to discuss the lesser-known arguments for theistic belief.  The essay that I contributed to the volume deals with various arguments that are sometimes overlooked in textbooks addressing the question of God’s existence.”  He adds, “Specifically, I have lengthy exploration of three arguments for belief in God’s existence: Pascal’s Wager, the argument from religious experience, and C.S. Lewis’ argument from desire.  After discussing those arguments, I provide shorter presentations of other arguments for God’s existence – including the moral argument, the argument from the laws of nature, the argument from consciousness, the argument from beauty, the argument from the intelligibility of reality, and a few other arguments.”


Dr. Lee added, “While it was challenging to discuss so many different sorts of arguments for God’s existence in such a brief space, I had the support of the community here at The Brook Hill School.  I am deeply grateful for the individuals here at the school who read portions of the essay and offered valuable feedback – including Wes English, Maggie Newman, Steven Soldi, Kent Travis, and some of my philosophy students (namely: Mr. Brown, Mr. Gunter, Miss. Kimball, Mr. Le, and Mr. Overbeek).  My work would have been less insightful without their helpful input.”