Eighth graders make race cars

Last week, 8th grade science we had their mousetrap car competition.

The car going the furthest distance was one built by Marlee Gunter and Bethany Durett. Their car went 1260 cm. Marlee and Bethany’s car was also the fastest car going 154 cm/sec.

The second place car for distance was one built by Owen Funk and Quinn Brown whose car traveled 1136 cm. The second fastest car was built by Josie Travis and Ashley Nguyen and it traveled 128 cm/sec.

The mousetrap car which used the most recycled materials was built by Macie Wilson and Sarah Sims. They used yo yo’s for wheels. The best designed car was built by Gracie Carpenter. Her car won because of the quality and precision of her building and her car design with only 3 wheels.  Finishing the unit, students were asked to evaluate which materials would work the best if they had to do it over  again and explain why they would choose it. They were also challenged to consider how they would design their car differently. Students were asked to apply Newton’s 3 laws of motion and the energy transformation experienced by the mousetrap car.