Entrepreneurship Class Explores the Design Process in the Business Lab

Brook Hill’s Entrepreneurship class has been learning about the design process and this week they had the opportunity to bring their research and ideas together in a pitch to faculty and staff members.


Students have been given the challenge to identify a problem, invent a solution and then package it into a workable business model as a part of their hands-on approach to studying business in the classroom this semester. Each group was given the opportunity to make their pitch in front of a small focus group of faculty and staff who gave feedback on their design, and product.

As the semester continues to unfold, students will move through the process of creating a product and business model that can be pitched to venture capitalists for real-life experience in the business world.

As a bit of a “start-up” ourselves, we’re hoping that this class and exercises like this across our curriculum and campus will challenge our students to dream and think outside the box!