Experiencing God’s Word in 7th and 8th Grade Bible

This week in Bible 7, the students were introduced to the eventful life of King Saul, the first king of Israel.Students began by imagining themselves in Saul’s place throughout his major life events found in 1 Samuel and created “diary” entries from our hero’s perspective. On Friday the students prepared a news story detailing the events of the final battle and last moments of King Saul.

Meanwhile, the students in Bible 8 spent the week diving into the book of Romans. In order to illustrate the difference between “transformation” and “conformity” in Romans 12:1-2, we poured water into clear containers of various sizes to examine the shape of the water took in each container, then compared the effect of transforming the water into ice with the phenomenon of the water’s original conformity. Students noted that like the water, Christians often find themselves changing because of their environment and circumstances (conforming to the world) but that like the ice, Christians that are seeking to become more and more like Christ (transformed by the renewal of our minds) are able to resist the pull to become less than God intends.

We love doing object lessons and projects like these because we want to create memorable experiences for our students – and when it comes to God’s Word, we want them to embody His truth all the more!