Experimenting with Matter in the Lab

We are still working on matter in science at the Lower School!  This week we started with liquids using our “hands on approach.”

Students learned how to use a hand boiler and you may be wondering, how does it work? The heat of your body causes the air in the hand boiler to expand. As the air expands, it forces the liquid to move up through the tube. When the liquid has moved to the top it bubbles as air moves through the liquid making it appear to boil!

For our second experiment we made it rain in the science lab!  We filled up a clear cup half with water and half with shaving cream. We also used a small plate with blue food coloring and pipettes. The students used their pipettes to put a few drops of blue food coloring on top of the shaving cream. The young scientist stated the results and applied their scientific reasoning skills to understand what was going on. The food coloring went through the shaving cream and indeed, it rained. This experiment tied in with matter and included a touch of the water cycle!

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