Financial Aid & College Visits

golden eggs

If you don’t have chickens that lay golden eggs then you might need to apply for scholarships and financial aid…

In Senior Seminar recently representatives from The East Texas Communities Foundation, Texas A&M, and UT Austin talked to students about applying for scholarships and Financial Aid to assist with college fees. The ladies stressed that the one sure way to not be awarded any financial aid is to not apply. Applying for scholarships takes time and effort but many times the information you have to provide and the essay topic you have to write about can be tweaked and used for additional applications. Brook Hill subscribes to a scholarship data base that lists hundreds of scholarships. The site can be accessed through Family Connection and is well worth scanning.


Our area representative was on campus recently to visit with seniors about opportunities for them at Mississippi State University. Being set up in the senior lounge afforded Ben Nelson the opportunity to visit personally with all grade levels during Campus Life Block. Students, please remember to always stop and shake the hand of college representatives as they visit our campus. By stopping by you may find a college that is the perfect fit for you.