Finding the Limiting Reactant in Chemistry

Chemistry students are learning about limiting reactants both at home and in lab. Over last weekend they did a chocolate chip cookie recipe at home and considered how many cookies you could bake with an altered ingredients list–that is, which ingredient limited the number of cookies you could bake.

In lab they performed a double-displacement reaction in which a precipitate formed. The students measured their reactants and product,  and they used stoichiometry to determine which of the reactants was the limiting reactant.

From the kitchen to the lab–we’re putting these concepts together!

ChemLimitReactant(TA)-1 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-2 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-3 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-4 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-5 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-8 ChemLimitReactant(TA)-9