Fine Arts Awards Assembly–Music Awards

Music teacher, Mr. Pierce recently awarded music achievementpierce
certificates based on character attributes of several famous
composers and musicians.

The George Gershwin Award

These students have exceptional drive and determination to succeed.
Harper Harrison, Robert Love, Julianna Mize, Brooklyn Davis, Kaylee Koenig, Grayson Murray, and Katelynn Henics


The Johann Sebastian Bach Award
These students demonstrate a great desire to learn music.
Brooklyn Smith, Addison Moore, Kai Glenn, Kayla Powell, Tessa Goddard, Ashley Nguyen, and Emily Livesay


The Ludwig Van Beethoven Award
These students have independent spirits and blaze their own trails with their music making.
Izabelle Herbert-Bramlet, Lola Derr, Braxton Durrett, Luke McNeel, Meredith Priddy, Anna Marie Ward and Colby Dement


The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Award
These students show confidence in their musical abilities and accept any challenge set before them.
River Cates, Benjamin Muirhead, Emma Davis, Grace Derryberry, Vivian Willis, Skylar Anthony, and Morgan Maddox


The Duke Ellington Award
This is the classroom leadership award.
Caroline Ault, Lillian Ruark, Gabrielle Williams, Gemma Lake, Von Dawson, Avery Moss, and William Roberts


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