First Day at the Lower School

We kicked off a new school year this Wednesday, and our Lower School students couldn’t have been more excited to meet their new teachers and see all their friends. Mrs. Fritcher, Lower School Principal, greeted our students and families at the door to start the new year with a friendly face. We are especially excited for all the new faces we saw joining our Lower School. What an awesome year we have in store!

Here are a few pictures from the first day, if you want more, you see them by clicking here to view them on our Facebook page.

FirstDay-LS(TA)-1 FirstDay-LS(TA)-3 FirstDay-LS(TA)-6 FirstDay-LS(TA)-14 FirstDay-LS(TA)-20 FirstDay-LS(TA)-21 FirstDay-LS(TA)-25 FirstDay-LS(TA)-55 FirstDay-LS(TA)-61 FirstDay-LS(TA)-66 FirstDay-LS(TA)-86 FirstDay-LS(TA)-89