Got Community Service Hours?

From the Desk of Dr. Stan Ward, Director of Campus Life and Ministry:

Brook Hill encourages students to serve others by requiring community service hours. Students may earn these hours by providing a service that is (a) not for a family member, (b) not part of a school course, and (c) not compensated in any way.

The community service bulletin board in Founder’s Hall lists several community service opportunities and contact information.

Students are required to complete community service as follows:

Middle School – 10 hours/year

9th and 10th Grades – 15 hours/year

11th and 12th grades – 20 hours/year

Students who have completed service hours may turn in their forms to the campus life office. You can download a copy of the community service form here. Dr. Ward will strive to update the student’s community service record on RenWeb at the end of each month.

For more information, be sure to contact Dr. Ward: [email protected]