Grandparents’ Day

We had a very special day at the Lower School this Friday as our grandparents joined us for a morning of entertainment and fun. The day began with a series of performances from every grade at our Lower School, all giving thanks to God for his blessings to us! Our Cadette Singers also paid tribute to many of our grandparents who had served in the armed forces by singing each branch’s song.  PreK students even shared why their grandparents are so special to them. Some of their reasons were: “Because they let me spend the night,” “because they kiss me,” and even “because they give me chocolate.”

After the performance, grandparents joined their grandchildren in their classes for activities and then visited the book fair on their way home! We are so blessed to have all of our grandparents come to school today and to have them as a part of our family here at Brook Hill!

For more pictures, you can view our album on Facebook here:

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