Gunnar Dorsey in Recovery

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Gunnar Dorsey graduated from Brook Hill in May, 2012. He then moved to play football at Texas A & M Kingsville, the oldest continuously operating public institution of higher learning in South Texas. Their reputation for football has been outstanding for years, and Gunnar was ready to play! Texas A & M – Kingsville holds 7 National Championships, and 34 Conference Championships, and Gunnar was looking for a competitive team after helping to win the state championship at Brook Hill. In fact, their university holds the record as the Division II school with the most professional athletes signed by teams in the NFL. An exciting year was awaiting him!

But, in January of this year, Gunnar was diagnosed with epilepsy. It was something he was born with but was only recently diagnosed. As his family told us, college football had to be put on hold, so his focus was on school only. Later this year, the meds quit working so he was medically discharged from the university. A decision was then made to go to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for further treatment and possible brain surgery to eliminate the seizures. And work went out for prayer!

The surgery was scheduled for this last Monday after the doctors found a tumor on the left side of his brain as well as scar tissue that needed to be removed. Doctors were confident Gunnar would have a minimal amount of memory loss, be able to play football again, and be seizure free! That was the prayer.

Well, God is merciful and we got this report from Gunnar’s dad, Eric, via facebook: “Friends and family you’re awesome. Thanks again for all of the support and especially your prayers. The tumor was removed and sent off to pathology so the surgery was a success. However, continued prayers needed for seizure freedom.” He has been recuperating nicely and is even scheduled to come home Saturday. He will land at Tyler’s Pounds Field Airport at 8 pm. If you are in that part of town, greet him at the plane and welcome him home! He will be under observation for weeks and is forbidden from doing anything for at least 8 weeks, according to his family. I’m sure he would appreciate a card or two to help pass that time. Cards may be mailed to Gunnar Dorsey, 401 Prince Charles, Whitehouse TX 75791.