Hello, Dolly! Premieres

The dress rehearsals are over, the curtains are drawn – now all that’s left is “lights, camera, action!”

Tonight (Friday, May 2nd) is the opening night of our spring musical, Hello, Dolly! If you haven’t reserved your tickets yet, there is still time! Showings will occur at 7:30 in the evening Friday & Saturday nights this weekend and next. Call (903) 894-5000 for details.

Our students are incredible, the sets beautiful, and the story entertaining. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see the talent and abilities our students are gaining through Brook Hill’s Fine Arts program.

Here is a quick look from some of our scenes:


HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-44 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-52 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-98 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-120 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-134 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-157 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-236 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-277 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-393 HelloDollyRehearsal(TA)-433