History + Math = Fun!

Mr. Wayne Mahaffey’s Algebra 1 classes visited the American Freedom Museum today. Their objective? To discover the many options to create a real-life math problem in part to think mathmatically and in part to have a better understanding of our history! Students were assigned the task of creating three mathmatical problems from three different parts of the museum and propose them to the class for solving. Mrs Bynum gave a dynamic tour for illustrating how such math could be found giving them examples like “What was the ratio of men who lost their lives in the Flag Raising of Iwo Jima in 1945?” Three were killed, 2 comitted suicide, and 1 lived. Students gathered information along the tour to take with them as they consider how the math had significant meaning to our history. Students were visibly reacting to the many scenarios that were depicted and discussing several as they formulated their thoughts. It was a great example of teaching across the curriculum! Mr. Mahaffey commented that he was enjoying the creativity that he was observing among the students as they moved about the museum! What a treat to go to school at a Teaching Museum!