I AM BROOK HILL, Even After 17.5 Years!

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Even after 17 1/2 years and all the changes that have been brought, I am STILL Brook Hill.  Why?

Because the focus of the school is STILL on the mission derived from the vision laid on Steve Dement’s heart over 20 years ago.

Because I have had the privilege of experiencing God’s hand of protection on the school through many challenges from the those beginning years until now.

Because I have seen God’s timely provision of faculty, families, staff and students who fit the mission of the school.

Because of the multitude of lives that have been positively changed by being a part of Brook Hill.

And, because of the alumni who regularly communicate their gratitude for the advantage their Brook Hill education has given them for life after Brook Hill.

I AM and ALWAYS will be Brook Hill!

To understand more what it means to be Brook Hill, visit us on the web at www.brookhill.org