Ice Cream Social

Tuesday night Mr. Fletcher (Headmaster) and his family invited our boarding community into their home for an Ice Cream Social. Our students played games, socialized, and, of course, created and consumed their own ice cream creation. With activities, 3 flavors of ice cream, 7 toppings, and 65 students we had the recipe for an enjoyable evening.IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-2 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-3 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-6 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-8 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-10 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-11 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-12 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-16 IceCreamSocialFlethcers(TA)-17