Icy Mix+ Late Start = Rockin’ Classes!

From the Desk of Tammy Hayes, Middle School Principal:

Who says a late start is a wasted day? Certainly not me after sweeping the hallways this morning at The Brook Hill Middle School!

Students scurrying fast to class, there was a strong sense of excitement in the air! Teachers were in their places all ready to go with lessons of all types. In just a few minutes of popping in and out of classrooms, I witnessed a wide array of classroom fare that ranged  from reading and discussion circles on Mr. Roquemore’s floor, to Mrs. Bunn’s class having a tender moment as she explained a special gift her daughter had given her for Valentine’s,  as well as  positive and negative integers with manipulatives in Mrs. Mize math class. Students were hands-on, engaged, inquisitive, and enthusiastic. I thought to myself, “Wow, we would have missed all this if we had stayed home today!”

I think it is amazing how our faculty has embraced active learning. They are intentional with their plans and preparations. I remember many a boring day back in the late 70’s as I trudged through a day of 8th grade. I’m fascinated to experience the learning that surrounds us everyday at Brook Hill. Our teachers are ROCKIN’ IT everyday, and I’m so blessed to get to be both parent and principal in such a special place!

Student raising his hand in middle school class at the brook hill school