It’s College Fair Season

From the desk of Celia Tucker, Academic Counselor:

With the Christian College Fair on September 24th at Grace Community High School and the East Texas Area College Fair on October 29th at Tyler Junior College I have to say that we are the luckiest people around. Hundreds of college professionals from all over the United States are coming to Tyler. The people who know their colleges and universities better than anyone else are going to be in East Texas to share their material, their insight, their knowledge, and their free pens and pencils with us. I feel so lucky.

I hope that you will consider joining me as we welcome these representatives to East Texas as we are there to shake their hands and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that they have about their specific colleges and universities.  College representatives are very proud of their schools and they come to college fairs to show off their institutions and to ask us to take a look at what they have to offer. They know students are exploring and making plans for the future and they want to help.

Attending a College Fair will provide you with free advice from professionals, show colleges that you are interested in their schools, perhaps hear about a school you did not know might be a possibility for you, allow you to visit a large number of schools all under one roof, and conduct person to person research face to face.

I hope to see you there—look for me–I will be the one asking questions and trying to fit just one more free pencil or pen in her bag.


Celia Tucker is our Academic Counselor and helps our students as they apply to college. You can find out more about her and our school here: