Why Kindergarten at the Brook Hill Lower School

From the Desk of Sandra Fritcher, Lower School Principal:

There is no question the Lower School is the very best. This week, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Spradlin, and Mrs. Overbeek are going to share kindergarten highlights. These ladies work together each day to plan and implement the most wonderful learning environment for kindergarten children. They reinforce instruction in a way that excites the students and keeps them engaged in learning. Enjoy!

Most people think kindergarten is good for children, but they do not always understand that where a child attends kindergarten is super important. Kindergarten children are growing and developing physically, mentally, and socially so very fast at this age. Everything a five-year-old sees and experiences is a learning opportunity. Hands-on activities are a big part of a child’s learning experience, and at the Lower School, our kindergarten children get these experiences while they are exploring the amazing world God has created. We think this approach inspires a love of learning, builds confidence, and fosters a desire to contribute to the community. We think Brook Hill kindergarten is the most exciting place to be.

Kindergarten at the Lower School starts with loving each child for who he/she is. Getting to know each student’s interests is key in knowing how to reach each child. Hands-on academic centers make learning fun and memorable. Children learn to read with the help of our phonics skills. Our classrooms are rich in literature for the students to explore daily, as well as literacy programs they experience through our technology department and classroom computers. Once children learn to read, doors are open to a whole new world in which they can create and imagine in their own minds.

Math is another daily hands-on experience. Kindergarten math includes learning our numbers, adding, subtracting, telling time to the hour, coin recognition, and knowing the value of the coins. We use many classroom manipulatives to learn these skills.

Weekly chapel, as well as classroom Bible study and scripture memorization, are important parts of our kindergarten curriculum. Growing spiritually is very important to our kindergarten program. Our kindergarten students really start to understand our Guard Charge to Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, Serve Others, Follow the King. These behaviors start to become a part of each child. Our desire is to provide our students with a strong foundation on which to build in the following grades.

Kindergarten students are also allowed to express themselves in many ways through our art and music programs, as well as our Spanish enrichment program. In addition, field trips broaden the learning experience. For example, a trip to the fish hatchery brings the study unit on animals and their habitats to life for the children.

Kindergarten students start the year full of curiosity, and they find answers and learn skills that will stay with them forever. They also start learning and understanding the meanings of friendship, sharing, and caring for others.

Finally, kindergarten at the Lower School is not just about the students and teachers. Parent involvement is a huge part of the kindergarten experience. We encourage our parents to be a big part of the learning that is going on in the classroom by reinforcing that learning at home. There is no doubt that kindergarten at the Brook Hill Lower School is a wonderful experience for everyone.