Learning from Our Alumni


From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster:

During the Spring Semester I have the opportunity to teach a course to the senior class called Senior Transitions.  Senior Transitions provides students the opportunity to encounter, observe, and reflect on a variety of life skills necessary to successfully transition out of high school and into college.  The course introduces students to a variety of personal and inter-personal topics and skills such as:  communication, decision making, dating, finances, exercise and nutrition, personal growth and self-discipline, emotional health, and spiritual disciplines.

During the first class session I invited Brook Hill alumni who were home for Christmas break to serve on an “Alumni Panel” and provide the seniors with advice about college life and what steps they can take now to best prepare for success in college.  What an encouragement it was to listen to the words of our alumni!  I was so impressed with their wisdom and how well-adjusted they were academically, socially, and spiritually to college life.  They were eager to share advice with our seniors and provided them with so many insights that, if followed, will help our seniors thrive in college.

One piece of advice that I was particularly impressed with came from Abbi English, a sophomore at Abilene Christian University.  As we were wrapping up the class session Abbi encouraged the seniors to “determine who you want to be in college and practice it now.”  What great advice.  In fact, that’s great advice for all of us!!  It sounds a lot like something Blaise Pascal said, “Define life backwards and live it forwards.”

Even more than that, however, it reminds me of our walk with Christ. Our Lord has called us to be a certain kind of people, marked by his same love, mercy and sacrifice. It is my prayer that our students would get a clear picture not only of their gifts and talents while they are here at Brook Hill, but also of the kind of young men and women God is calling them to become so that they can begin living into that reality now and throughout the rest of their lives.