Making the Most of Time With Your Children


From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster:

As I was walking through the Lower School today I saw a group of moms working on hallway bulletin boards.  And, I’ll be honest, I got really sad.

That was Heather (my wife) a “minute” ago.  My boys are now in 6th, 9th, and 11th grade.  They are not cute little lower school kids whose mom comes up to help decorate the hallway anymore.  It is the first year that we have not, personally, had a child in the lower school at Brook Hill.  Where has the time gone?  They are growing up too fast – and it is really making me think through how I am parenting them.  As my boys get older – and as I get older – the regrets and the “what ifs” start to creep in.  That’s natural, I know.  But the older they get, and the closer they get to leaving me, the more I think about what I am teaching and training them and about just spending time with them.

I came across the following article the other day and it has served as a good reminder and encouragement to me.   I encourage students regularly to think through where they want to end up and then intentionally make plans to get there.  There is no better place to put that into practice than parenting.   We are a busy and distracted people.  But let us never be too busy and too distracted to take seriously our role as parents.