Brook Hill’s School of Business Marketing class is providing students with opportunities to build their portfolio and practice hands-on marketing strategy.


Offered as an elective for students, this marketing class has been an exciting addition to Brook Hill’s Business program. In line with our desire to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to prepare for college, we wanted to offer a class that would give them hands-on opportunities to build portfolios, explore their interests, and develop practical skills that would give them an edge in their program beyond Brook Hill.

Students are given the task to pick a product and develop a strategy for everything from product development to product placement in the market. They work to develop, refine, and stretch both their product and their skill set as they move through the process.

We’re daily having conversations with our students about career fit and goals after Brook Hill because we want them to thrive in whatever they choose to do. We want them to be successful and set up for the rigors of both college, and life beyond.

We’re excited to offer a marketing class that creates space for students to explore their skill set and understand what they’re good at. We also appreciate the opportunity to expose them to interests and areas of study that might initially feel like a good fit, but end up being different than they imagined. We want to save them the headache (and cost) of switching majors in college multiple times if we can! An extra bonus of our marketing class – it provides ample opportunity for practice in public speaking through product pitches and market research presentations!