Markus Ma Wins $500 Scholarship for Math Skills


Brook Hill Junior, Markus Ma, recently received a $500 scholarship from Mathnasium of Tyler.

On Saturday, November 1, students from local private schools gathered at Mathnasium of Tyler to compete in a math contest with the grand prize being a $500 scholarship to their respective schools for the spring semester and a chance to interview to be an instructor at Mathnasium of Tyler.

“There just aren’t many opportunities for kids who are great at math to show off their skills. We like to meet kids that are great at and have a love of math. Our enrolled students also enjoy working with kids near their own age if they can, so this opens up a channel for these math gifted kids to help kids who are struggling in math. The exam they took for the contest is the same one we use in hiring our instructors. It is a challenging test that requires the student to use math they may not have seen in a while and do all of it mentally – no calculators allowed,” says Frank Mann, owner of Mathnasium of Tyler ( The competition was simple – the student with the highest score won a $500 scholarship to their respective school for the spring semester.

Markus Ma was that winner for Brook Hill, receiving the $500 prize.

“We look forward to this being an annual event for the schools. Thanks to all competitors for participating!,” Mann says.