Our 5th-grade students spent a math class putting their skills to the test in our American Freedom Museum.


With measuring tapes in hand and the charge to explore the museum in teams, 5th-grade students set about to “Crunch the Numbers”. This mission was a series of exercises spread throughout the museum set to test all of the math skills that our students have learned up to this point in their education. From long division to multiplying dimensions these students had the opportunity to exercise their knowledge in a real-life setting. This exercise combined fun, interactive learning, math, problem-solving and even strengthened their communication skills with classmates as they worked in teams.

One of the really awesome things about Brook Hill is our passion for interactive, hands-on moments for our students. We want learning to come alive, for our students to connect the classroom to their bigger world, and for them to have a lens of learning no matter where life takes them! That’s why we have invested time and resources into making sure that our American Freedom Museum is a part of our curriculum campus-wide.

Using math in the classroom lays a solid, and necessary foundation, but having the opportunity to pull the measuring tape out and see math in action takes learning to the next level!