This week launched one of our favorite activities here at Brook Hill – Middle School Clubs!


Because we believe that learning should be dynamic, and that character formation and FUN are key components to student growth; we invite our students to be a part of student clubs each semester. We host Friday clubs four times a semester and truly love the way it allows our students and teachers to grow as a Middle School community and interact together across grades and interests.

Our middle school teachers create clubs based on student interest and activities – and then each student gets to choose which club most interests them! This fall our club lineup includes Yoga, Gardening, SpikeBall, Frisbee Golf, Equestrian, Art, Strategy Games, Boys Volleyball, Praise Team, Basketball and Drama Club.

Calvi Courtney, one of our 7th graders who is a part of the SpikeBall club, shared that he appreciated how clubs provide an opportunity for students to “grow closer to teachers and friends” in addition to “giving (them) an opportunity to get to know people outside the classroom”.

Following on the heels of the Middle School retreat that students went on a few weeks ago, clubs are a continuation of the goal to foster unity and friendship among the entire Middle School student body. Calvi shared that being a part of a club with students from all of the different grades “allows them to grow as a Middle School community” and, to be “closer together as a whole”.

We understand that the Middle School years have the potential to be difficult as our students are learning who they are and how they’re wired, and we want to take every opportunity we can to use fun and connection to empower our students and give them the confidence to be kind and work hard! Additionally, being a part of clubs gives our teachers another chance to engage and mentor students as they’re having fun together!

This week we were able to catch the gardening and frisbee golf clubs in action!

Big thanks to our Middle School teachers and staff who work so hard to create a culture of connection and excellence – we couldn’t do this without you!