Middle School Principal Role Profile

The Brook Hill School is seeking a highly skilled Middle School Principal with a mature Christian faith and a heart for inspiring and working with students, faculty, and parents. The Middle School Principal will report to the Headmaster and serve with the Executive Leadership Team to provide innovative leadership committed to research-based, progressive 21st century teaching and learning. To be effective, the Middle School Principal must possess strong leadership skills and meet the highest standards of professionalism, collegiality and personal conduct. The Middle School Principal will possess a collaborative attitude toward decision-making, excellent interpersonal skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational skills, excellent conflict resolution skills, and a joyful disposition. The ideal candidate will possess an advanced degree with at least five years teaching and administrative experience, preferably in an independent school environment.


The following is a brief description of the responsibilities. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by the Headmaster at his/her discretion.


It is expected that the Middle School Principal will:


Spiritual Leadership
  • Model a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage the Middle School faculty and staff to develop and deepen their personal relationship with Christ to ensure the overflow of Christ into the classroom and to cultivate an environment of warmth, love and respect.
  • Integrate Biblical truth throughout curriculum while partnering with the Director of Campus Life and Ministry to coordinate weekly chapel and community service opportunities.
Administrative Leadership
  • As a Brook Hill Director, serve as a collaborative member of the Headmaster’s Executive Leadership Team.
  • Operate according to all the policies and provisions established by the Headmaster, an agent of the Board of Trustees
  • Oversee all functions of the Middle School including managing, utilizing, evaluating, and making personnel recommendations relative to hiring, firing, and/or promotion/demotion.
  • Partner with the school nurse to accomplish the mission of the school as it relates to middle school students both curriculum wise and health wise.
  • Work jointly with the Dean of Students in issues regarding student discipline.
  • Motivate faculty and staff through mentoring, coaching and training to assist in ongoing effective and consistent professional development. Empower faculty through intentional skill assessment, observation and productive feedback.  Ensure that programs for the orientation of new faculty and in-service training of all faculty are meaningful and comprehensive.
Partner with the Upper School Principal to ensure:
  • An effective New Teacher Orientation annually
  • An effective and continuing New Teacher Mentoring/Coaching Program
  • An annual professional development program and oversight of faculty culture and community
  • Guide Middle School faculty to ensure students mature socially, academically, and spiritually with professional development opportunities directed specifically with middle students in mind.
Academic Leadership
  • Maintain an uncompromising approach to academic rigor and the goal of college preparation.
  • Support a wide range of academic aptitudes and motivations for student growth and development.
  • Oversee all curriculum development, implementation, and measurement as it pertains to Middle School instruction.
  • Lead vertical alignment of curriculum from sixth through eighth grade and then promote academic alignment with the Lower and Upper Schools.
  • Partner with the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) in overseeing grades and the academic progress of Middle School students.
  • Ensure that all Middle School activities and programs are consistent with the Brook Hill mission statement.
  • Ensure the success of the Spring Potential and Reality Courses (SPARC) program annually to encourage the potential of Middle School students.
  • Build the Middle School schedule in coordination with the academic office
  • Know and lead all things standardized testing i.e. ERB/DUKE Tip
  • Provide leadership for all students with documented learning differences and aid in designing, implementing, and supervision of accommodations provided through instruction
  • Serve on accreditation/evaluation committees for all school alignment of scope and sequence & curriculums grades 6-12
Climate and Culture
  • Be highly approachable and visible in pursuing relationships with students and parents.
  • Maintain a relational approach to leading students and parents and be flexible in order to operate effectively in complex situations.
  • Create a culture of growth, learning, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Partner with the Director of Residence Life to facilitate immersion of Middle School boarding students both academically and culturally.
  • Provide programs aimed at helping grow the whole child and facilitate opportunities for students to grow in leadership:
    • Student Council
    • Clubs
    • Assemblies
    • Chapel
    • Student Retreat
    • Events (Movie Night, Field Night, Mega Riot & Cannonball Run)
    • Community Events
    • Campus Clean-up
    • Provide oversight of the Middle School students to build a sense of community and culture redirecting behavior when needed.
    • Fireside chats
    • Bible studies
    • Advisory
Public Relations, Marketing & Communications, and Development
  • Continually communicate with families via email, phone, handwritten notes, and website.
  • Cultivate appropriate media attention to the Middle School to promote programs and events.
  • Partner with the Director of Advancement at the invitation of the DOA to foster the Middle School’s immersion into events: Founder’s Day, Homecoming, the Annual Spring Auction, etc.
Recruitment and Retention of Students
  • Partner with Admissions and Marketing team to assist in the development and implementation of an annual marketing plan for Middle School student recruitment and retention and to coordinate efforts related to admissions, marketing, and communications in order to continually strengthen the Brook Hill brand in the local community and beyond.
  • Maintain a consistent role in the admission process involving evaluating testing, interviewing, and evaluation of applicants for enrollment.
  • Be a visible part of Brook Hill at events, games, and fine arts events.



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