Middle School Spelling Bee

Su•perb  [soo-purb, suh-] adjective

1. excellent  “a superb performance”

synonyms:     excellent, superlative, first-rate, first-class, outstanding, remarkable, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid, admirable, noteworthy, impressive, fine, exquisite, exceptional, glorious;

This describes the middle school’s first ever spelling bee contestants today at 3:30 in the Commons! The top 18 students from grades 6-8 gathered to battle it out Akeelah-style! The top three performers were 3rd place winner, Justin Powell (7th), 2nd place winner, Rachel Berkley (6th), and our school winner….. Colton Drennan (7th)!   Way to go to all who participated and special thanks to faculty: Mr. Jordan Roquemore (sponsor) and callers Mrs. Patti Eden and Mrs. Lisa Haynie. The top three winners now advance to regionals to be held in January and receive a free celebration lunch in the company of Mr. Roquemore and Principal Hayes at Ribmasters! Congratulations students for a job well done!

Participants were:

6th Grade:

Ruby Timmons

Mason York

Rachel Berkley

Sydney McNeel

Annaka Willis

Victor Williams


7th Grade:

Colten Drennan

Zoe Ward

Alexandra Koenig

Conner Livesay

Justin Powell

Emma Bynum (Absent today—probably won’t be participating)


8th Grade:

Conner Sciarrini

Addison McJunkins

Reid Hill

Winslow Coneen

McKade Marquis

MSSpellingBee(TA)-78 MSSpellingBee(TA)-89 MSSpellingBee(TA)-91 MSSpellingBee(TA)-94 MSSpellingBee(TA)-95 MSSpellingBee(TA)-96 MSSpellingBee(TA)-97 MSSpellingBee(TA)-123