Middle School Students Will Tour the Old Testament

From the desk of Dr. Ward, Director of Campus Life & Ministry

On October 25, Brook Hill Middle School Students will take a field trip . . . through the Old Testament. Made possible by a generous donation, Brook Hill will host Walk Thru the Bible’s “Walk Thru the Old Testament” seminar. Students will learn the major people, places, and themes of all 39 Old Testament books. Although Walk Thru the Bible’s spelling is odd (“thru” instead of “through”), their ministry is great.

The one-day, school program will feature a Bible survey of the Old Testament. The advantage of a survey approach is that it helps students see the “big picture” of the Bible instead of losing them in the many details (including names like “Maher Shalal Hash Baz”). In essence, students learn the larger “story” of the Bible that helps make the smaller details make sense. Students have a chance to take a step back and consider how those parts relate to the whole. When I attended a Walk Thru the Bible Seminar in 1996, I was impressed with how much more the Bible made sense once I had a “big picture” to work with. My personal hope is that the Walk Thru program will provide our students with a “map” to guide them through their own personal Bible reading.

On a related note, I’ve tried to do something similar through my Napkin Theology videos. You can see a short video for “The Christian Story” here. For a video sample of Walk Thru the Bible, click here. Also, our library holds a helpful Bible handbook by Walk Thru the Bible, Talk Thru the Bible (220.6 WIL).

Dr. Ward will send more information to MS parents as we get closer to the event.

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