Middle Schoolers Inspired by “A Long Walk for Water”

Last week, we got to visit Ms. Amy Fitzgerald’s class for a special guest speaker! Mr. Sylvain Sebazungu, a Brook Hill parent, visited and spoke with our 6th graders about his experience growing up in Rwanda, Africa and his journey to America. Mr. Sebazungu had to survive on his own and walked miles to get water every day, much like the characters of A Long Walk to Water.

His visit was at the conclusion of Ms. Fitzgerald’s recent study of the book A Long Walk to Water, a novel written by Linda Sue Park. The novel combines the true story of Salva Dut, member of the Dinka tribe and part of the “Sudanese Lost Boys”, and the fictional story of Nya, a young village girl, a part of the Nuer tribe. The author used this book as a platform to support Salva Dut’s organization, Water for South Sudan.

“After reading A Long Walk to Water, the 6th grade class were not content to just finish the book and move on. Many could not comprehend how blessed we are and yet how so many on this planet don’t even have enough water or water clean enough to drink. Inviting Mr. Sebazungu to speak to our class about growing up in Africa and facing many of the same challenges Salva, the main character of our story, faced, seemed to ignite the compassion even more,” Fitzgerald said.


You might have seen some of our Middle Schoolers walking around school with a gallon of water, or perhaps hosting a bake sale. Many of the 6th grade students from Ms. Amy Fitzgerald’s class were inspired by their recent read to strike up a fundraising effort called “Change for Change.” Through this effort, they are hoping to raise enough change to build a water well in South Sudan, and we think they might accomplish even more than that!

“Starting up a campaign called, “Change for Change,” to reach a goal of $1,000 to build a well in South Sudan, the 6th grade class began collecting loose change around their homes, out of cars, and in their own stash. They were not content to stop there and as one group thought of new ways to raise money, other groups were already trying out their ideas, and the change just multiplied. Their goal is to build a well, but judging by their passion and drive, we may even be able to build two!” – Amy Fitzgerald


We are so proud of our inspiring philanthropists and their heart for service! WE ARE EXCITED TO SEE WHAT THEY ACCOMPLISH FOR THE SOUTH SUDAN.