Mineral Lab in 6th Grade

Students in sixth grade science are learning how to identify minerals by different properties.  They are recording the color, feel, hardness, streak color, luster, smell and specific gravity.  Students are also testing the minerals for special properties, such as being magnetic or having a salty taste.  Once they record all of their observations, they will compare their information with a chart which has the names and properties and try to figure out the name. Mrs. Wallace hopes for her students to start to see God’s creativity in creation, even in minerals which can be very beautiful and unusual.

6thMineralLab(TA)-1 6thMineralLab(TA)-2 6thMineralLab(TA)-3 6thMineralLab(TA)-4 6thMineralLab(TA)-5 6thMineralLab(TA)-8