Mission End of The Earth

Every year, our students travel near and far on what we like to call “SPARC” Week. SPARC stands for Spring Potential & Reality Courses. It is a distinctive, innovative program designed to challenge our students, expand their knowledge, encourage a lifelong love of learning, and to provide our students with non-traditional learning experiences through travel and small group workshops. Many of these travel experiences include mission work. A group of our Upper School students, led by Ms. Kelly King, ventured to the Amazon this year where they partnered with Amazon Outreach to visit local villages to assist in their mission efforts, including establishing a water well for a local community.

The water well was dug two weeks prior to our students’ arrival, and it was fully functional with a plaque when they arrived. The group had a dedication service near the water well at the end of the day on Thursday, March 9th in the village of Manaquiri. A little background about Manaquiri: it has never had a water well. The villagers there have been praying for one for many years! A village nearby had a well that was dug by a private owner who was charging money for use by their community. However, most cannot afford it and therefore, they continue to eat, drink, bathe, and cook with river water. Because of this, sickness is widespread and many deaths in Manaquiri can be linked to prolonged use of the river water.

Plaque on water well translated;
Jesus said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:37-38
Partner: Mission End of The Earth
Date: February 2023
Community: Retiro, Manaquiri
Donor: Brook Hill School, Bullard, TX USA

“We left on Saturday wishing we had more time, money, and resources to give. Our Brook Hill team is very eager to get back on the river, and are motivated to get more students to join in. We want to raise funds to provide more water wells in the amazon.” – MS. KELLY KING


The well established by our partnership with Amazon Outreach is free of charge to all, and it was drilled without resources from the municipal, state or federal public power and without political ties of any kind. The villagers in Manaquiri are extremely grateful and are now hopeful in a future with improved health!

There is a church plant in this village through the church “Mission Ends of The Earth.” In Portuguese, the church’s name is “Missão Confins Da Terra” or MCT. Our group spent the week on the boat with staff members of MCT and traveled to eight of their church plants along the river. Our group expressed that it was “pure joy” to get to know Pastor Leite, his wife, Pastor Cynthia, and their team who are very dedicated to spreading the light and love of Jesus Christ throughout the Amazon. They are overwhelmed and very thankful for our group’s help in supporting their efforts along the river and were especially moved and rejoiced over the water well for their people in Manaquiri. We are extremely grateful that the local pastor of the MCT church in Manaquiri, Pastor Samuel, will be able to tell the testimony of clean water that the Lord brought to Manaquiri through the obedient sacrifice of Brook Hill, for years and years to come.

“This clean water sends a very loud, heartfelt, and tangible message of the hope we have in the LIVING WATER of Jesus Christ and can be the medium through which many will come to know Him and get to spend eternity in heaven.” – MS. KELLY KING