MS Athletic Awards

Wednesday morning we celebrated our middle school athletes by having an awards ceremony. Among the highlights were the Mr. and Miss awards for each sport as well as the empty seats in the girls section while all our volleyball girls were on stage – a symbol of our thriving girls athletics program and our amazing middle school girls! Overall, the future of varsity sports looks bright with all of our talented MS students!

MSAthAwards(TA)-1 MSAthAwards(TA)-2 MSAthAwards(TA)2-1 MSAthAwards(TA)2-4 MSAthAwards(TA)2-59 MSAthAwards(TA)2-60 MSAthAwards(TA)2-61 MSAthAwards(TA)2-63 MSAthAwards(TA)2-65 MSAthAwards(TA)-3 MSAthAwards(TA)-4 MSAthAwards(TA)-5 MSAthAwards(TA)-6 MSAthAwards(TA)-7 MSAthAwards(TA)-8 MSAthAwards(TA)-9 MSAthAwards(TA)-10 MSAthAwards(TA)-11 MSAthAwards(TA)-12