Middle School Softball vs Grace

Our Middle School Lady Guard Softball team took on the Grace cougars Thursday night, beating them 15-6! Check out the pictures here:

MS vs Shelton(EH)-1 MS vs Shelton(EH)-4 MS vs Shelton(EH)-5 MS vs Shelton(EH)-9 MS vs Shelton(EH)-11 MS vs Shelton(EH)-12 MS vs Shelton(EH)-13 MS vs Shelton(EH)-15 MS vs Shelton(EH)-17 MS vs Shelton(EH)-18 MS vs Shelton(EH)-19 MS vs Shelton(EH)-21 MS vs Shelton(EH)-22 MS vs Shelton(EH)-24 MS vs Shelton(EH)-25 MS vs Shelton(EH)-27 MS vs Shelton(EH)-34 MS vs Shelton(EH)-36 MS vs Shelton(EH)-38 MS vs Shelton(EH)-39 MS vs Shelton(EH)-42 MS vs Shelton(EH)-44 MS vs Shelton(EH)-45 MS vs Shelton(EH)-47 MS vs Shelton(EH)-51 MS vs Shelton(EH)-53 MS vs Shelton(EH)-55 MS vs Shelton(EH)-56 MS vs Shelton(EH)-57 MS vs Shelton(EH)-58 MS vs Shelton(EH)-59 MS vs Shelton(EH)-60 MS vs Shelton(EH)-62 MS vs Shelton(EH)-64 MS vs Shelton(EH)-65 MS vs Shelton(EH)-66 MS vs Shelton(EH)-68 MS vs Shelton(EH)-70 MS vs Shelton(EH)-71 MS vs Shelton(EH)-73 MS vs Shelton(EH)-74 MS vs Shelton(EH)-75 MS vs Shelton(EH)-77 MS vs Shelton(EH)-79