Orchestra Conservatory

A handful of dedicated Varsity Orchestra students opted to take the Orchestra Conservatory course to better prepare themselves and the entire orchestra for the TAPPS State competition which would take place the Thursday following SPARC week.  They spent the week in intensive practice utilizing various methods and groupings which included individual practice using music apps, small ensemble and large ensemble rehearsals.

The day for each of these students maximized key learning skills.  Successful learning, practice and performance of a string instrument incorporates basically all of Bloom’s taxonomy- remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.

The Orchestra Conservatory students along with the rest of Varsity Orchestra had the blessing and privilege of rehearsing under the baton & tutelage of Mr. Michael Grinnell, current Tyler Youth Orchestra Director and former Lee High School Orchestra Director for twelve years.

SPARC week culminated for Orchestra Conservatory students with free attendance at the East Texas Symphony Orchestra concert thanks to the generous ticket underwriting by symphony patron, Brigadier General Ben Gann!

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