Parade of Nations


From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Residence Life:

This past Friday night was our annual Parade of Nations.  Each of our 26 countries was represented and each of our boarding student’s names was called.  Every year I have people come up to me afterwards and tell me how meaningful the event was to them.  Many speak of the emotions that well up in them and others even tell me that it brings them to tears.  Not only is the Parade of Nations a spectacular display of all of our kids’ flags, but it is also a very real reminder that each student is one of Brook Hill’s kids.  This is their home.  We are their family.  It means that being a Brook Hill family carries a little more with it than being a family at any other school in the area.  It carries also the opportunity, and maybe even the responsibility, if that is not too strong of a term, to look after these young people from around the world.  Ancient Israel was directed in Scripture to give special care for the foreigner, for in so doing they would show the heart of God who takes in the spiritual alien, so to speak, and makes him a citizen of His Kingdom.  So when we extend care and hospitality to our international and even domestic boarding students, we do so not only for the sake of Brook Hill, but also for a much grander purpose – to show the heart of a loving God to these students who live here 24/7, nine months out of the year.  Thank you for doing such a great job of that as a community.  Thank you for cheering our kids on last Friday night at the Parade of Nations.

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