Parents Appreciate Teachers, and Teachers Appreciate Parents

Thank you, 8th Grade Parents, for Teacher Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday. Here are a few words of appreciation for you from the staff:

  • Please let the parents know how much we enjoyed the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast yesterday. Also, the scones were a little bit of Heaven. We are so blessed to have such wonderful supportive parents. – Shalon Garner
  • A big “Thank you!!” to the 8th grade parents. Teacher appreciation breakfast is my favorite day of the month! – Travis Bunger
  • Teacher’s Breakfast made my morning! – Travis Albea
  • Thank you for all the treats yesterday. The casseroles were quite good, as was the apple CIDER. Boom. – Kent Travis
  • Thanks for the delicious treats!  The time someone spends to prepare, deliver and set up edible goodies always makes me feel very appreciated! – Kameron Aycock
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies that you served us yesterday.  Everything was delicious, and it is so much appreciated!  Thanks for all that you do! – Mary Ann Williford
  • Thank you parent’s for the wonderful breakfast feast on Thursday.  We are truly blessed  with amazing students, parents, staff, and faculty here at Brook Hill. – Sandy Brindley
  • Thank you so much to the parents who provided our teacher appreciation buffet this week! It was delicious! It’s great to have a little pick-me-up and wonderful to feel appreciated. – Christie Adams
  • Once again, Brook Hill’s parents demonstrate why this is a great place to lean and live! – Stan Ward