Pasha Zapolskyy – A College Entrance Essay

It was not long ago that most of the world hardly knew anything about my home; but in the last year, the events in Ukraine have shocked the world into acknowledgment. People have revolted against corruption and power, causing disorder, and it has taken this sort of negative action to call the attention of other countries to my own. But this is not only the story of my country; it is the story of my life. A flower endures the rains in order to flourish and blossom in the sunlight. In the same manner, I have realized that the overwhelming downpours I have and will continue to endure are necessary for my growth.

I was not born into wealth or convenience. In fact, when I was born, the doctors predicted that I would suffer a “gap” in development instead of maturing like normal children. However, my parents believed in me and fought to give me an education just like my peers. They worked hard to put me through several different schools to learn math and logic, arts and music, German, French, Russian, and English. My parents sacrificed even more of their time and privileges; purchasing a new vehicle did not seem as important as providing me with quality education and with lessons in several sports. I wanted to become a well-rounded and intelligent person, and they gave up every cent they had to make this possible. Even as a young boy, I was well aware of the sacrifices my parents were making to give me a future; as a result, I asked for none of the trinkets or electronic that the other kids had and spent my summer days dripping with sweat at a sawmill with my dad, earning anything I could. The pride I saw in my parents’ eyes was my motivation. They could not give me much, but they gave me the one thing I wanted most – a chance to be more.

I reaped the first reward of my hard work and my parents’ sacrifice when I was fourteen years old. I mustered up the courage to accept the unbelievable opportunity to leave home and family and study in America as an exchange student. The offer was for only one year, but I knew that this was the first milestone step toward my success and that it would lead to many more. Because of the amazing kindness of one family in the state of Ohio, I was welcomed into America and discovered an entirely new world and culture. America was nothing like my own home. There I found a better education, respect of human rights, order – things I had never experienced in my own country. I was in awe at all the opportunities that my American classmates simply expected as their rights.

After my year as an exchange student ended, my parents offered more than they had to send me to another high school in the state of Texas, and soon enough, The Brook Hill School offered me a scholarship. However, it is a gift I minted to take full advantage of and earn through hard work and success.

My parents dream of giving me a future brighter than they had, but I, perhaps naively, nurtured an even bigger dream. I desire greatness for not only myself and my family, but also my country. I cleave to a secret aspiration to create a future for us all where we will live with no poverty, fraudulence and political corruption, but with democracy, with better education, vast export, and recycling. It is a dream perhaps too big for one insignificant boy, but I work to achieve this dream nevertheless. I am a plant – a tiny green sprout. Certainly, I have endured the many drowning downpours of life; yet my parents have been the rays of sunlight always fighting to break through the clouds so that I may grow and flourish. I will not disappoint.